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SXSW Day 2!

I promise I am not being dramatic when I say that my second day here was life-changing. My morning started out with an amazing session on solving diabetes. As a Type-1 Diabetic, this hit home and opened my eyes to… Read More »SXSW Day 2!

Photo of Data Science session

SXSW Day 1!

What an adventure day one was. For me, it was my first time on a plane and also my first time navigating a city bigger than Columbia. We left Columbia at around 7am and ended up in Austin at around… Read More »SXSW Day 1!

SXSW Day 1!

Welcome to Texas! What an action-packed, BUSY first day. Two flights in the morning, sessions in the afternoon, multiple meals at food trucks, and then a late-night session ending close to midnight. Looking forward to some fantastic sessions on Day… Read More »SXSW Day 1!

Carla Fant 1

SXSW Friday

What do you mean it has only been one day?? To say SXSW is overwhelming is an understatement! It has already been an insane and mind blowing experience and it has only just begun. One of the sessions I attended… Read More »SXSW Friday

Drew Hill UofSC Sticker

SXSW 3/8

For our first day at SXSW, we did some exploring around the city. My favorite session of the day was learning how best to tackle this festival, balancing learning with self-care but also fun. What I’m most excited about tomorrow… Read More »SXSW 3/8

SXSW Day 1

Feeling FULL The first day at SXSW was overwhelming to say the least, but also incredibly inspiring! It’s amazing to see this many creative and forward thinking people in one area. The amount of patterned socks I’ve seen is astonishing,… Read More »SXSW Day 1

Kristin Stitzlein Day 1

SXSW Day 1

I came into SXSW most excited for all of the opportunities to learn at the various sessions, but my biggest lesson from today was the power of networking. By the end of my first session today, I had already passed… Read More »SXSW Day 1

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