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Silicon Valley – 2020

Facebook. Google. eBay.

What’s on the horizon in data and communications, and how can we prepare our students for these ever-changing industries?

This week, a team of CIC faculty members is in Silicon Valley to learn firsthand about these businesses. They’ll bring that knowledge back to the classroom to better prepare students and perhaps hone some research initiatives pertaining to the emerging social challenges facing our fields.

This trip is a special VIP sojourn arranged by eBay CMO Suzy Deering. Deering has connections to the CIC and her daughter attends South Carolina. She believes that education is enhanced when instructors are more closely connected to the industry and hopes to get more SEC talent to Silicon Valley.

Additional stops include Instagram, Pinterest and the Verizon Innovation Center, where the team will hear presentations from C-suite executives and technologists, including Deering.

Technology at the Verizon Innovation Center

Verizon Innovation Center

The company is one of the leaders in a novel and fastest wireless technology known as 5G that can influence individuals, businesses, and society.

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The CIC team in front of the Facebook sign

Facebook + Instagram

The theme of diversity and inclusion, as well as the evolution in marketing and advertising, continued at Facebook and Instagram.

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A group shot at Pinterest


Did you know that eight out of 10 U.S. moms use Pinterest? The CIC team visited Pinterest headquarters to learn more.

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A group photo of the CIC faculty. In order: Ehsan, Linwan, Anli, Kirstin and Van.

We’ve arrived!

A CIC team is in Silicon Valley this week to see what’s new in media and technology. They’ll bring what they learn back to the classroom.

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