A Reflection on my Favorite Day in Germany

Now that we are back home I have had some time to reflect on our amazing trip to Germany.  Each day was full of new adventures, food, and experiences. Looking back, my favorite trip that I took was to the Andechs Monastery while we were in Munich.  Andechs is a small town located in the district of Starnberg in Bavaria. It took about an hour train ride to get from Munich to Andechs. Upon arriving to Andechs, we took a bus through the beautiful town to the monastery.  Once we got to the monastery, we ate at the Klostergasthof restaurant which had the most amazing view I have ever seen. The restaurant overlooked the entire town with a view of the Alps in the background.

After eating, we decided to climb the bell tower.  We traveled up 30 flights of stairs, which became very tiny and narrow at points, in order to reach the top. Once at the top, we were presented with another spectacular view of the town, farms, and mountains. It was so peaceful at the top of that tower.

Getting back down was the scary part.  It took me almost double the amount of time to climb down the tower than it did to climb up because we had to climb down backwards. I definitely got my exercise in that day. Overall, Andechs was one of the most beautiful towns I have ever been to and I recommend everyone who’s traveling to Germany to go visit.