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Facebook + Instagram

This morning we hit Facebook. We were given a tour of their massive complex, complete with an arcade, all types of cuisine and sweets. 

The theme of diversity and inclusion, as well as the evolution in marketing and advertising, continued. Adam Carmin explained how Instagram is unique by using d-commerce (discovery commerce) to help their clients’ advertising strategy. Daniel Del Valle discussed his experience with the Facebook Academy for business, an internship program used as a pipeline for hire. 

Neither Carmin or Del Valle shied away for answering our questions on privacy and misinformation, saying they are hopeful about the plans Facebook has put in place and continues to work toward solving. 

About the video: 

The Facebook sign. Mark Zuckerberg wanted to use the old Sun Microsystems sign to remind employees that success is fleeting. Sun Microsystems, now defunct, was once located on the site where Facebook is now headquartered. Video credit: Van Kornegay. 

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