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Bravo for Costa Brava

Upon planning this trip to Barcelona, one thing we were looking forward to was the beaches. However, when we finally got to the beaches, we were met with many emotions, the first of which was slight disappointment.

The View from Barcelona

Seeing the sunset is one of the most spectacular views of Barcelona. This group enjoyed the sunset with cheap bottles of wine and charcuterie. The city has so many views, from la Sagrada Familia to the Barceloneta beach. A sunset here should be once in a lifetime, but we get to enjoy it for 28 days.

03 — sightseeing

It’s a completely different experience seeing things in person. From the famous Starfield Library, historical Gyeongbok Palace, lively Gwangjang Market, to the calming N Seoul Tower — these places all hold different experiences upon visit.

02 — first days

There are pros and cons to getting lost — pros, you see more of the city. Cons, you have no idea where you are and you’re freezing in 20 degrees or less weather with a thin jacket. The first day out in Seoul, my friend and I got lost.

01 — en route !​

There’s a time in your life that comes when you grow up and become the person your younger self dreamed of being. Today, I grow and become that person.

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