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The charm of Barcelona

A gold charm bracelet with colorful and fun charms ready to be made.

While visiting the vibrant city of Barcelona, there are many intriguing spots and hidden treasures to find. Among them, the trendy jewelry store, I Wear Dolls is offering a creative experience to its guests - the chance to make a one of a kind necklace or bracelet with handpicked charms to accessorize the piece.

As you adventure through the store, you're given a shopping basket to hunt for the chain and charms you desire. Browsing through the collections of charms becomes a personal adventure, selecting each and every piece, and after picking your setup, the staff helps assemble your jewelry. Visiting the I Wear Dolls store is more than a shopping experience, it is bonding time for you and your friends, creating memories of the special times you spent in the city. Leaving the store with your new charms, you are now the owner of your very own unique souvenir from Barcelona!

A gold bracelet stack with a beautiful charm bracelet.
I Wear Dolls charm jewelry store
A key gold charm necklace with a matching chunky gold bracelet.
Picture of Speakeasy


Sydney Strickland (Information Science), Sydney Flood (Mass Communications), Sydney Phillips (Public Relations), Not pictured-Emily Gencarelli (Advertising)

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