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Diving into Bubble Planet

girl throwing bubble in giant ball pit at bubble planet.

Bubble Planet is a hidden gem in Barcelona. This experience allows every guest to “dream big” and let out their inner child. With eleven differently-themed rooms, each one offers a truly unique experience. Our personal favorite was the bubble bath room, which is full of plastic bubbles and gives you the feeling of being in a bathtub.

While this experience is targeted toward a younger audience, it is guaranteed fun for all ages. Bubble Planet also offers an eccentric VR experience. Guests sit in hanging chairs with a VR headset and become immersed in a new world. If you’re ever in the area and want an experience like never before, stop by Bubble Planet for a fun time!

three girls playing in bubble bath pit at bubble planet.
girl walking through strobe light maze at bubble planet.
Picture of Unique Architecture

Unique Architecture

Taylor Cooper (Broadcast Journalism), Paige Huling (Advertising), Austin McConnell (Broadcast Journalism), Bryson Peterson (Advertising)

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