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Let’s go to the beach, beach!

rocks at beach

A short hour away from Barcelona lives a lively beach in Costa Brava with many alluring experiences. You can experience parasailing, fly-fishing, banana boating, and more at this beach. You can indulge in these fun activities with your friends or family.

Rocks and water in Costa Brava
A photo of a group of people on a Banana Boat in the water of Costa Brava.

Unlike what you may be used to in America, you may run into a few nudists on this beach. This is a fairly normal thing to see in Barcelona. In Spanish culture, people are more comfortable with being in a state of undress at the beach. This showed us an interesting culture that is not shared in the US. This new culture can act as a brand new, fresh perspective on the freedoms of the laid-back Spanish lifestyle. Whether swimming in the clear ocean water, tanning under the sun, or exploring the multitude of caves, Costa Brava can be the perfect location for whatever your heart desires.

Picture of Unique Tapas

Unique Tapas

Tiameh Berry (Broadcast Journalism), Joyrdan Gouty (Mass Communications), Kala Philpot (Mass Communications)

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