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Protecting Barcelona’s aquatic life

Barcelona Aquarium

“Knowing to love, loving to protect and protecting to conserve” a motto L’Aquarium de Barcelona is dedicated to spread through education and awareness. L’Aquarium de Barcelona is the world’s largest mediterranean-themed aquarium. Due to its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, there is a huge focus on the conservation and research into the Mediterranean marine environment. Over 450 marine species are meticulously monitored alongside their recreated ecosystems to ensure their well-being and natural reproduction. The laboratory and quarantine rooms play critical roles in the adaptation, care, and health monitoring of the marine life in addition to providing a unique opportunity for guests to see what work and research is being done behind the scenes.

Fish embryo sacs
Close up of fish swimming in aquarium

One of the more spectacular displays at L’Aquarium de Barcelona is the Oceanarium, an 80-meter long transparent tunnel that gives you an immersive look into the Mediterranean. With almost 4 million liters of water and hosting a multitude of species, this exclusive microcosm draws families in from all over Europe. It is a one-of-a-kind exhibit in the continent, and a must-see in Barcelona!

Picture of Spain Holidays

Spain Holidays

Jordan Rawlinson (Broadcast Journalism), Raven Carmichael (Public Relations), Evelyn Padilla (Visual Communications)

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