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What’s brewing abroad?

Coffee and Cookie and Edible straw

The coffee culture abroad differs greatly from the typical grab-and-go cup we enjoy back at USC. The coffee here is freshly brewed to be enjoyed and cherished with company. Barcelona coffee shops all have unique and wide-ranging flavors, and every coffee shop has a distinctive brew that is different from the others. To uncover the hidden gems, you have to look past the Starbucks and discover the intimate atmosphere that awaits.

Iced coffee is not the standard cup here in Spain, and edible straws are not typical anywhere in the world. D. Origen serves their coffee with an edible straw that tastes like a cookie and is a sweet surprise when opening it from its package. When asked why they serve the coffee with a straw that can be eaten, the worker explained that it is biodegradable and made of recycled coffee beans. They explained how the edible straw adds to the experience of the coffee because if paper straws sit in the coffee, they will become soggy, whereas the edible straws soak up coffee to add flavor. They promote edible straws at this cafe to practice being environmentally friendly and add an interesting twist to your coffee break.

Pink & brown coffee cups in a line.

Light up sign that says always freshly roasted.

Veronica Neff (Public Relations), Sierra Fox (Advertising), Paris McAuliffe (Mass Communication), Lake Killman (Visual Communication)

Hand holding an iced coffee with an edible straw.
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