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A group shot at Pinterest


Did you know that eight out of 10 U.S. moms use Pinterest? The CIC team visited Pinterest headquarters to learn more.

A group photo of the CIC faculty. In order: Ehsan, Linwan, Anli, Kirstin and Van.

We’ve arrived!

A CIC team is in Silicon Valley this week to see what’s new in media and technology. They’ll bring what they learn back to the classroom.

Authentic Interactions

A couple lounges in the Coliseum while figuring out their next destination. I stumbled down an intriguing cobblestone path tucked away behind the Trevi Fountain just to get away from the crowd. Just minutes before, thousands of people surrounded me… Read More »Authentic Interactions

Less Means More

An authentic Italian tomato sauce made with tomatoes, carrots, onions, celery, olive oil, and white wine.  I had never experienced food for the soul, until I had my first taste of Italy. Walking into Italian Chef Andrea Consoli’s cooking class,… Read More »Less Means More

The Eternal City

The view of The Eternal City from the lookout point on Palatine Hill.           Being in a foreign place can be an intimidating experience, especially when you are in a place that speaks a different language.… Read More »The Eternal City

Pieces of Home

Red flowers stand out in an otherwise neutral alleyway in Rome, Italy.  When I hobbled off the plane with my carry-on in hand, I became overwhelmed with pedestrians. Two signs read “baggage.” Both signs pointed in opposite directions. I sent… Read More »Pieces of Home

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