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A concrete garden

Colorful leather bags printed with the flower tile design

Visitors come to Barcelona from all over the world to appreciate the city’s unique sights, from the grand architecture of Gaudí to the beautiful beaches. However, one of the most interesting sights of the city rests right beneath the feet of visitors and locals alike.

The iconic “panot de flor” is a tile design paved into streets across Barcelona. The simplicity of the tile’s design, a four-petaled flower, makes it an recognizable symbol of the city. The flower design can not only be seen on the streets themselves, but in the shop windows as well—from store logos, to jewelry, to leather bags, and even tattoo designs! The design is a great way for locals to express pride in their hometown and visitors to appreciate or even take home a small piece of Barcelona’s unique architecture. While the flower tile’s creator and origin is widely debated, its legacy in Barcelona is concrete.

Group walking on a street paved with Barcelona's flower tiles
Bracelets with the Barcelona flower design
Vintage machine next to a stone slab printed with the Barcelona flower design
Barcelona "Ruta de modernisme" marker printed with the flower design
Picture of Classical Music in Barcelona

Classical Music in Barcelona

Allie Dunlap (Visual Communications), Meghan Freiler (Mass Communications), Casey Matthews (Mass Communications), Hannah Wilson (Advertising)

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