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The marvelous markets of Aix-en-Provence

A market table displaying jewelry.

A display of food, including fresh vegetables and baked goods

On a sunny Saturday morning in Aix-en-Provence, France, vendors set up shop all over town for the weekly market. 

The city’s historic Gothic downtown looks like something from a Disney movie. The medieval architecture, cobbled streets, and open-air markets make visitors feel like they’ve gone back in time. 

Aix hosts markets every day of the week: A food market in the central square, a flea market, a flower market, an arts-and-crafts market, and more.

The streets are filled with natives and tourists looking to buy beautiful handmade jewelry, soaps made with Provence-grown lavender, local fruits and vegetables, and fresh meats and cheeses. Aix enjoys leisure time, and even the most mundane grocery shopping can be magical at the market. 

A snapshot of a market street in Aix.

Picture of Urban Rhythms

Urban Rhythms

Ally Tindall (Visual Communications), Geri Johnson (Journalism), Amia Bennett (Visual Communications), and Lily Battatia (Mass Communications)

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