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One man’s trash is another’s trinket

second-hand Levi jeans, mannequin legs, and a Camel Cigarette sign sit at a table at the market.

Welcome to Barcelona’s largest and oldest flea market, El Mercat dels Encants. This trove of treasures is filled with anything from cameras and fabric to jewelry and books. Its name translates to the “market of opportunities”, and the items you find at the various booths and stores are almost as unique as the people you meet at the market. Each person searches for new opportunities from other people’s past.

Hands hold a vintage digital camera.

At every turn, there is a new vendor looking to give their items a new home. No matter what your interests are, it is likely El Mercat dels Encants has a newfound treasure for you. Shop for one-of-a-kind finds to keep for yourself or bring home a souvenir for a loved one. The market is open throughout the week and a must see opportunity in Barcelona. There are endless discoveries for all.

Numerous trinkets sit at a table.
Numerous jewelry items lay scattered around a table.
Customers browse a wall of jewelry items.
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