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Bringing back the buzz: news and coffee

A selection of magazines from around the globe
Different beverage and milk choices at the stand


 These luxury magazines bring both culture and elegance to life through textured pages, frayed edges and vibrant colors. The magazines are published and sold by over 20 different countries, each having their own personal character. The high class issues offered at this stand are one of a kind and unlike any other. 

Established in 2020 during the pandemic, this establishment gives a new meaning to reading magazines and sipping coffee. News & Coffee quickly became successful by meeting the public’s growing demands for safe, outdoor interactions, and easy access to selected reads. 

Taking advantage of its popularity in Barcelona, this stand has expanded to 10 other major cities, including Gracia, Paralelo, Valencia, Madrid, and even London. This stand is continuing to expand its horizons and hopes to continue to bring people’s two favorite things together – news and coffee. 

News & Coffee full newsstand
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