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Playful paddle boats

Tree in pond photo
Picture in row boat

Looking for an idyllic afternoon? Look no further than Barcelona’s own Ciutadella Park. Within the beautiful downtown park sits an exhilarating and picturesque experience that friends and family can enjoy together for up to 11 euros. The pond features lovely views of nature, greeting guests with a darling family of ducks and picture-perfect moments. Numerous groups of families and friends alike embark on the experience daily to enjoy the ambiance. This allows travelers ample opportunity to experience all aspects of Barcelona, getting them away from the urban feel of the rest of the city and bringing them to a tropical oasis. 

No need to rush, as there are plenty of boats and spots available each afternoon. Payment through card or cash are both accepted, and a maximum time of 30 minutes is allotted. Enjoy the ride!


Picture of Spanish Wines

Spanish Wines

Millie Laird (Mass Communications), Morgan Dunn (Journalism), Amelia Richardson (Public Relations), Raquel Negrón (Broadcast Journalism).

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