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Rooftop rhythms in the Catalan capital

a close up shot of pairs of people learning dance steps in a tango class.

Walking through the streets of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, you might encounter a lively group performing the “Sardana,” the traditional dance of Catalunya. However, our dance experience took a turn as we learned the tango atop a rooftop in the Gothic Quarter. This unique setting for our tango class taught us to move not just with our bodies but with our souls.

According to Dance Facts, the tango originated on the streets of Argentina and Uruguay in the 18th century. It was born from a diverse mix of European immigrants, formerly enslaved people, and working-class communities. Today, the tango remains one of the most popular dances worldwide, especially in Spanish-speaking countries.

Learning the tango in such a picturesque and historic part of Barcelona was a truly unforgettable experience. It allowed us to connect deeply with the music, the culture, and each other, leaving us with a lasting appreciation for this beautiful dance.

three pairs of people learning tango steps.
people dancing and enjoying the art of tango.

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