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Discovering art innovation: Barcelona’s Moco Museum

A Guillermo Lorca painting depicting a dreamlike world with two little girls, butterflies, flowers, pumpkins, and tigers.

Previously a 16-century palace, the Moco Museum in Barcelona serves as a space for all to experience art. A compilation of historical and contemporary works, Moco strives to express the endless power of art. 

This museum showcases the work of celebrated and rising artists including Warhol, Dalí, and Banksy. A unique curation of modern, contemporary, and street art, Moco has the world’s first dedicated exhibition space for NFTs, digital art that can be owned. 

Visitors get a glimpse into the future of art, and if Moco is any indication, the possibilities are infinite. 

An exhibition by Les Fantômes and Studio Irma with surrounding mirrors and flashing lights that change colors and landscapes.
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