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Barcelona’s highs?

A photo of the front of a store named "Cannabis Street" with customers entering.

We know there are many attractions in Barcelona, such as architecture and its never-ending nightlife, but there are many things that we can find interesting, for example, their cannabis culture. In Barcelona, cannabis is decriminalized, but not legalized. Making it a grey area for cannabis users, it can be used privately but not publicly resulting in the use of social clubs.

However, many locals in Barcelona have found a loophole in this law and have created public cannabis shops that offer a lower grade of THC. While walking around, we noticed a shop and saw the many strands of cannabis. As we were browsing the products for sale, we were curious about the legalities of the store. The owner explained how the THC percentage is at the legal limit of 0.2%, which makes it okay to sell. This means that we were able to purchase without needing a membership or having to consume it in the shop. Although, the owner informed us that we are not allowed to walk around, consuming cannabis in public.

A photo with different variations of grinders with images such as Bob Marley and colorful marijuana symbols.
A photo with different packets of cannabis and pre-rolled papers above.

Aside from the architecture and raging nightlife of Barcelona, the city’s openness to the consumption of marijuana makes it a more lively city. From this small realization, as a collective, we could not help but wonder if one day Barcelona will become a fully legalized city in the near future.

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