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Spooked in Spain

Castillo Torre Salvana

Barcelona, a city full of vibrant greenery and lively attractions, hides deep within the shadows of the city a dark side behind its glistening facade. Recognized as one of the most haunted places in Catalonia is the Torre Salvana castle. Laying just outside of Colonia Güell, this ancient fortress is shrouded in mystery where thrill seekers come to experience paranormal activity. Dating from the 10th century, the abandoned castle stands isolated with crumbling walls in ruins as a consequence of the Catalan Civil War in 1224. It is said that the tower unleashes its paranormal phenomena after the sun rests, becoming a line between the living and the dead. Brave souls are welcomed to enter the spine-chilling, blood-curdling, rubble-filled home of the undead, and understand how it earned its sinister title as the “Castle of Hell.”


If you end up traveling to this cursed castle like we did, you may find other visitors, not just human ones. Maybe you will hear the steps of a child; a little girl with a bullet wound in her head who is rumored to wander the courtyard. You may see the strange sight of dark smoke enveloping the castle grounds as it leaves the watchtower. Many have reported feeling as if they were pulled by a mysterious force. This site is frequented by paranormal investigators, which is probably a sign to take this place seriously, so enter if you dare. We did.


Castle Entrance
Picture of Sustainability


Caroline Seawell (Public Relations), Amiah Morton (Information Sciences), Luka Albarran (Broadcast Journalism), Zyreail Hardin (Mass Communications)

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