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A child reaches out to feed a group of birds, including a parrot flying and many pigeons in the grass

Coming to Barcelona from the United States, it’s unusual to see pigeons flock the streets. We see the pigeons as a spectacle and unfamiliar, as they are not afraid of us like the birds we are used to seeing. Here pigeons own the town; they’re on the beach, in the mall, and even in the artwork of Picasso. Pigeons are part of everyday life here in Barcelona.

While we find excitement in seeing them, many locals feel disdain. With anti-pigeon architecture at the Palau de la Música Catalana, pigeons have become a foe to many tourism-centered historical sites. In everyday life, some people are not very welcoming to the pigeons; we saw a man kick one that walked too close to where he was sitting! Though we as visitors are infatuated with these animals, the locals may not always agree. While these birds may ruffle some feathers, the pigeons of Barcelona are here to stay!

Window at la Palau de la Musica Catalana with spikes to prevent pigeons from sitting
A pigeon on the street
A Picasso painting of an abstract window-like structure with white pigeons sitting on the sill, and outside on a black gate
Picture of Classical Music in Barcelona

Classical Music in Barcelona

Allie Dunlap (Visual Communications), Meghan Freiler (Mass Communications), Casey Matthews (Mass Communications), Hannah Wilson (Advertising)

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