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Exploring Gaudí at night in Barcelona

Casa Batlló lit up at night to show off unique architecture and bone like features on each balcony to show off his own funky style

The incredible Casa Batlló lit up at night, showing off its incredible architecture and unique style. 

Sitting in the heart of Barcelona, Casa Batlló stands as a testament to Antoni Gaudí and shines bright as a tribute to his modernist influence. Visiting at night is one way we got the most valuable experience, as that is something most museums don’t offer. We recommend going after the sun sets to experience it in all of its glory as it is lit up in such flattering ways. You see it in a whole new light and get to see its enchanting charm firsthand. We personally loved how on the exterior of the building, each skeletal like balcony is individually lit up. They really focused on giving each exhibit a special lighting that goes with each theme.

The roof is especially unique, as it has a dragon-like design, featuring tiles that change colors as they progress, resembling scales. The windows and balconies have a skeletal look, each resembling masks of a Venetian carnival costume. The interior was uniquely tiled, resembling an underwater mosaic tile scene. Stained glass windows and a massive spiral staircase add to the unique feel of this Gaudí house. The bone-like columns, sea-inspired color palette, and dragon-themed roof all embody Gaudí’s fascination with the natural world. The building also incorporates various Catalan symbols, reflecting Gaudí’s patriotism and love for his culture. 

Inside of Casa Batlló during a nighttime viewing.
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