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Soda City: Spanish style

Close up shot of jewelry and other small antique nicknacks on a vender's table
Close up shot of maps on a vendor's table

Our time spent exploring the years of Barcelona’s past through hidden treasures was marked by the lovely shopkeepers. Their passion and desire to share their goods and treasures with both local and visiting shoppers was inspiring and exciting to participate in. 

Photo of trees and background behind market

While Columbia’s own Soda City might seem like an endless assortment of everything one could ask for, it pales in comparison to the street markets of Barcelona’s Pla de la Seu, a public plaza located outside the Cathedral of Barcelona. Featuring mostly vintage goods, with a mix of food and clothing as well, Pla de la Seu offers antiques older than a century and precious jewelry worn by many generations.

Close up shot of a photo album with images in one side and letters in the other side

Right in the heart of the Cathedral, people get to have the pleasure to watch people in public. It is surreal having the opportunity to see people laughing, smiling, and enjoying each other’s company. Barcelona’s Pla de la Seu is extremely heartwarming, cozy, and comfortable even with the constant thoughts of feeling like an outcast in an unfamiliar country. 

Picture of Barcelona Beaches II

Barcelona Beaches II

Ryan Gentile (Advertising), Tara O'Toole (Mass Communications), Devon Nadelstumph (Mass Communications), Evelyn Esquivel (Visual Communications)

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