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May 2019

Devastation to Decadence

From visiting Pompeii’s iconic ruins to captivating our taste buds in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius, we explored Naples’ gritty past and its vibrant future.

The Rome Less Traveled

A beautiful pink house tucked away in the small town of Villa Scialla near Trastevere. When I think of Rome, the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum, and other postcard images flood my mind. I’ve heard so many stories about people falling… Read More »The Rome Less Traveled

Bavarian Castles

We left our hostel extra early one morning to begin the long journey into the mountains to two castles of the Bavarian royal family. One train and two busses later we arrived at the foot of a long hill and… Read More »Bavarian Castles


72andSunny is a global marketing, advertising and design company that was founded in 2004. With today’s society, culture is changing quickly and brands must adapt. 72andSunny’s slogan is about embracing change, defining “modern” as being comfortable with change: “We are… Read More »72andSunny

Uber Eats

Heading into this Maymester, I knew I was looking for a career in the public relations field. I was not sure what these jobs entailed exactly, or even what kind of specific qualifications I would need to land a career… Read More »Uber Eats

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