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Situation Interactive

Today was our longest day so far. We went to five different companies. They were all over the map in terms of content made, types of clients and overall experience. However, I spent all day looking forward to our last stop, Situation Interactive.

Situation is a digital agency that works with clients who are really passionate about the content they are making and what they stand for. They do a lot of work with Broadway shows, sports teams and television stations. Situation also cares about the importance of the arts in education and gives back to underprivileged areas. They send kids to shows on Broadway, the Met Opera and other art experiences that they would not have been able to have without them. While doing research on Situation before coming up to New York, I was really struck and impressed by the fact that they give back so much and care so much about their clients and the work that they are making.

Upon entering the office, this impression still held true. Situation is located on Broadway, so they are very close to lots of their clients and right off Times Square. The energy from the city and the bustling square is present in the office. My first impression was a great one. Everyone we spoke with seemed so excited to be there and so happy to share about their company and the work that they were able to collaborate on. We walked through the cozy office into a conference room where we were greeted with snacks, air conditioning and a group of smiling employees, all of which were very welcomed after a long day.    

Each employee walked us through what their role at Situation is, what their day to day looks like and what skills we would need as prospective workers. We heard from Sonya, a communications manager, Amanda, an account executive, Rob, a senior copywriter, and Jesse, a designer. I really liked that we were able to hear from all different departments and get an idea of the whole company as opposed to just one specific area. I think this also speaks to the nature of Situation. Each team member works together to make sure everything gets done and that creative ideas are always flowing. After each employee walked us through their role, we were able to ask questions and have a really interactive experience and connect with each of them. I loved hearing about their recent projects, like coming up with content for “Mean Girls Day” or the creation of Snapchat filters for The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Situation is also one of the smaller agencies that we have been to so far. It was really fun to see how a smaller team works and the advantages of having a more intimate work space. Finally, we went on a tour of the office. After snapping some pictures of the skyline and awards wall, we said our good-byes and headed out.

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