Leaving Munich for Berlin

We left Munich bright and early and luckily no one was left behind. The efficient Munich airport got us on our flight in no time and the flight to Berlin was only about an hour. My first impression of Berlin was that it was a much bigger and busier city than Munich. My first impression of the hostel was that it was much nicer than our last one, with a very modern hipster feel. Our rooms weren’t ready so after a brief meeting with everyone we headed out to get lunch, which I had been looking forward to since we landed. There’s a restaurant every 20 feet here and the one next to our hostel provided us with an amazing lunch. We walked the streets and I couldn’t help but feel that we were still in Munich, just in a different district with bigger buildings. We ate at the bar in the hostel and had a great dinner with excellent beer, and it soon hit me that I was exhausted from traveling. Shortly after dinner I went up to our tiny room to get a good nights rest, looking forward to the bike tour the next day.