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Uber Eats

Heading into this Maymester, I knew I was looking for a career in the public relations field. I was not sure what these jobs entailed exactly, or even what kind of specific qualifications I would need to land a career in this industry. Throughout this week, all of my questions have been answered. When my classmates and I arrived at Uber Eats, we were greeted by friendly faces. Beatriz Castro, a senior associate at Uber Eats, led the meeting along with colleagues Diana Lee and Jen Nichols. We began with a tour around the first floor of the company that showed off the company’s impressive kitchen and contemporary lounge area. The kitchen was stocked with tons of yummy snacks and also had a chef that cooks the employees lunch everyday. The lounge area included a cozy seating area for employees to relax, and it also contained a ping pong table and games for when employees want to have a little fun. Overall, the vibe of the Uber Eats office was modern and fun, which is exactly what I expected coming from such a successful, innovative company. 

After the tour of the office, we all headed up to Uber Eats’ second floor, where we gathered around the conference table. To begin, we were briefed on the basic history of this company. Uber is a huge corporation that consists of many branches such as Uber for Business, Uber Elevate and Uber Health, but overall Uber Eats is the most successful “daughter” branch of the company. Uber Eats now partners with over 200,000 restaurants in over 350 markets across 30 countries and six continents. I was eager to learn more about the creative brand team and what they have done to make Uber Eats so successful. A few examples of what they do are construct Uber Eats’ color palette, design the different food illustrations that are recognized globally, and overall are responsible for Uber Eats marketing and communications. During the meeting, Ms. Castro also explained the importance of the Uber Eats logo and its cohesive design. Consumers being able to recognize a company’s logo is crucial for the company’s advertising of the service. I found it extremely interesting how much work and research was put into perfecting their logo. The Uber Eats team is also responsible for coming up with trendy advertisement campaigns. They were a sponsor for March Madness and created the campaign “Let’s Eats,” which was extremely popular and also helped communicate Uber Eats’ services to a huge audience. 

Although this was one of the shorter meetings we had this week, the takeaways I received from this company were highly substantial. The employees at this company are constantly working together to strive for new ideas to set their company apart and stay ahead of their competitors. I learned that in Uber Eats there are copious internship opportunities available and a lot of room to move up in the company. The best advice I received was to work hard and get involved in every opportunity I can to prepare myself for this field. Overall, it gave me new insights on the creative field in this industry and made me excited for my future working in this field.  

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