For the second consecutive year, the CIC has six students and two faculty attending the South by Southwest Interactive Festival, part of a massive, 10-day conglomeration of festivals and conferences in Austin, Texas. They will network with industry professionals and learn about emerging technology, film and interactive media. And, of course, they will blog their experience here.

Lighted sign that spells TEXAS.

Last Day

The Last day at the SXSW was incredible!    I am leaving Austin feeling inspired, educated, scared, empowered, overwhelmed, excited, thoughtful, motivated, exhausted, and fulfilled. I am feeling all of the emotions. The last day at SXSW was spent attending… Read More »Last Day

SXSW Day 5!

On our last day here, I felt it was only right to stop by the Trade Expo. And what a decision that was! I met amazing vendors and found even better career opportunities. Plus, I even ran into a USC… Read More »SXSW Day 5!

SXSW Day 4!

I guess I’m moving to Austin! Our tour today of IBM was refreshing and innovating. First, seeing a company as large as IBM manage to successfully implement frameworks such as Agile was breathtaking. It really shows that company-wide change is… Read More »SXSW Day 4!

SXSW Day 3

With another day comes more adventure! It looked like the day would be full of rain, but we were instead greeted with fantastic temperatures and a nice wind chill. This paired perfectly for a day filled with walking. I sat… Read More »SXSW Day 3