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Jared Stephens

Jared Stephens is a senior at the University of South Carolina, specializing in information science. Jared hopes to one day use the skills he has learned in order to pursue a career in IT as a project manager, business analyst, or scrum master.

SXSW Day 5!

On our last day here, I felt it was only right to stop by the Trade Expo. And what a decision that was! I met amazing vendors and found even better career opportunities. Plus, I even ran into a USC… Read More »SXSW Day 5!

SXSW Day 4!

I guess I’m moving to Austin! Our tour today of IBM was refreshing and innovating. First, seeing a company as large as IBM manage to successfully implement frameworks such as Agile was breathtaking. It really shows that company-wide change is… Read More »SXSW Day 4!

SXSW Day 3

With another day comes more adventure! It looked like the day would be full of rain, but we were instead greeted with fantastic temperatures and a nice wind chill. This paired perfectly for a day filled with walking. I sat… Read More »SXSW Day 3

SXSW Day 2!

I promise I am not being dramatic when I say that my second day here was life-changing. My morning started out with an amazing session on solving diabetes. As a Type-1 Diabetic, this hit home and opened my eyes to… Read More »SXSW Day 2!

SXSW Day 1!

Welcome to Texas! What an action-packed, BUSY first day. Two flights in the morning, sessions in the afternoon, multiple meals at food trucks, and then a late-night session ending close to midnight. Looking forward to some fantastic sessions on Day… Read More »SXSW Day 1!

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