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Immersive Experiences

I learned, saw, and did a lot of different things today, but everything had a theme – immersion. Today I realized that a huge theme today in our society is creating immersive experiences that leave an impact. I learned about some of the technologies museums are using, like the SFMoma, the Detroit Institue of Art, and the Art Institute of Chicago. These technologies guide members through museums through AR, audio, or digital tours. These concepts are really innovative because they allow members to experience the museums and learning spaces in more engaging and personalized ways, yet don’t use flashy technology when it’s not needed. I really enjoyed their 5th point on their manifesto: “A pin beats a pixel”. I like this because sometimes low tech is sexier than high tech.


Technology is cool but if it overshines the purpose of the idea is just becomes inordinate. Allowing members to create real experiences in a physical space creates reactions, emotions, and experiences that people go to museums to do. It all boils down to the people. I think this is a good point to remember in the design of all industries – from marketing, design, fashion, etc. “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should“.


Later on, I sat in a session talking about the industry of Movie Posters and the work that goes into the creation process from director-production company-to designer. The process of creating an atmosphere and telling a story within one image is astonishing!

We finished off today with some tacos in SOCO (South Congress). The street is lined with restaurants and shops with neon signs and retro designs. LOVE it!

Movie Poster for Hidden Figures by Kenny Gravillis- a panelist at session
SOCO signs and buildings
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