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Last Day

The Last day at the SXSW was incredible! 

Lighted sign that spells TEXAS.


I am leaving Austin feeling inspired, educated, scared, empowered, overwhelmed, excited, thoughtful, motivated, exhausted, and fulfilled. I am feeling all of the emotions.

The last day at SXSW was spent attending a few incredible sessions, one by Stephen Gates who has a free podcast available online called “the Crazy One”. A must listen! The session was all about the New Frontier in re-envisioning the use, values, and purpose of in house design companies. The session was part lecture, part intervention. One of the best talks I have had at SXSW.

Later on in the day I saw robotic dogs, a robotic breakfast maker, cool art work, and much more! We are all really sad to leave Austin, but we are all incredibly thankful for this opportunity and we will definitely be continued attendees of SXSW in the future.


Thank you to CIC and sponsors for allowing us to have this opportunity! It’s amazing how much you can learn and bond with new people in just a short amount of time. Coming into this trip we didn’t know any of each other, but now I feel like I have lifelong friends and colleagues and I am so glad to have shared this experience with them.

Austin Texas
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