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Carla Fant

Carla Fant is a fourth year information science major from Elgin, South Carolina. She enjoys reading true crime, teaching herself coding, and relaxing at home with her family. She hopes to one day work in software design and database management.

Day 2: Saturday

Day Two (Saturday) started with a interesting and very real discussion about tackling the opioid epidemic using blockchain technology. The panel talked about taking back control of our data and using it to OUR benefit and only giving out what… Read More »Day 2: Saturday

Carla Fant 1

SXSW Friday

What do you mean it has only been one day?? To say SXSW is overwhelming is an understatement! It has already been an insane and mind blowing experience and it has only just begun. One of the sessions I attended… Read More »SXSW Friday

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