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Study Away in Barcelona: Experience of a Lifetime

More than 90 students from the College of Information and Communications at the University of South Carolina have embarked on a transformative journey to Barcelona, Spain. Faculty members, Scott Farrand and Kelly Davis will lead the students in exploring international communications and creating multimedia projects that showcase Barcelona’s food, architecture and culture. During their four-week stay in Spain, the class will also take a five-day trip to Aix-en-Provence, France, to deepen their understanding of global communications through hands-on experiences.

Guided by CIC staff member Dora Stryffeler, the students will document their adventures and share insights on the history and culture of these two Mediterranean cities. Follow their journey here!

A child reaches out to feed a group of birds, including a parrot flying and many pigeons in the grass


As the boldest birds all over Barcelona, pigeons leave an impression on tourists—but they might not be too popular with locals!

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Inside of Icebarcelona

A chilling experience – IceBarcelona

Temperatures are low; spirits are high! The IceBar-celona is the coolest bar in the city (pun intended)! It will surely give you and your friends a fantastic time with incredible drinks and music!

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Buildings along the river in Girona, Spain

The ultimate tour

Embark on a whirlwind adventure with us through three cities in Spain that all had very different environments.

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