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Tarragona: unearthing Spain’s Mediterranean jewel

View of purple flowers overlooking Tarragona Beach.

Lively streets. Beautiful beaches. Ancient ruins. Sixty miles southwest of Barcelona, accessible by car and public transportation, the city of Tarragona is a must-visit landmark. This town is rich with Roman history dating back to 2407 BC and stunning scenic views of the Mediterranean Sea. Visitors can walk the same cobblestone paths that emperors, gladiators, and soldiers once did.
In the same competitive spirit as the historic chariot races and Circus, today’s Castells competition, creating human towers, pays homage to the town’s roots while displaying the Catalonian community and culture. 
Today, Tarragona’s streets are lined with unique shops, restaurants overlooking the Amfiteatre de Tarragona, and cafes designed to observe daily life. For tourists interested in history and leisure, Tarragona is the perfect combination of exploration and relaxation.

View of Tarragona Street and building structures.
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