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Flamenco Palau Dalmases: Barcelona, Spain


Authentic flamenco productions show off the strong heritage and artistic background of Spanish culture.

Flamenco Palau Dalmases provides performances rooted from Spanish heritage. The show expresses a strong relationship between singers, dancers, and guitarists that work together to create an artistic production. Held in a 17th century palace, the hour-long performance gives audience members a true sense of authentic flamenco culture. Shows are performed every day at 5:30, 6:45, 8:00, and 9:15pm.

Flamenco dance is made up of stomps, claps, and a twelve beat rhythm expressed by singers and guitarists. We were lucky enough to experience this performance and see the passion and strength that the dancers have. The guitarist was gifted and talented, playing music like we had never heard before. The singers worked together to vocalize, stomp and clap to keep the beat for the cast. They worked together to dance for each other and tell the audience a story. Flamenco is based on the folk traditions in Spain and continues to express passionate musical performance to this day. 

The venue of this specific production takes place in palace stables in the in the Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona, Spain. The residents of this palace were nobles. The appearance of this location resembles the Baroque style of the17th-18th centuries. It has since been renovated for shows for the arts. The intimate setting of the theater inside has a dimly lit audience with a small area of close seating.

To see more of our flamenco experience at Flamenco Palau Dalmases, click the link below for our Tiktok point of view.


Flamenco Palau Dalmases- Barcelona, Spain

♬ Flamenco Dance – Michel Amendola


Picture of Paige Stepanian

Paige Stepanian

Paige is a junior visual communications major with minors in business administration and hotel, restaurant, and tourism management. She is from Syracuse, NY and is excited to be traveling with CIC this summer.

Picture of Lindsey Pritchard

Lindsey Pritchard

Lindsey Pritchard is a rising junior in the University of South Carolina Honors College majoring in public relations and mastering her writing proficiency, communication, and leadership skills. Currently, she is the Co-Director of Accounts for The Carolina Agency, where she manages accounts teams and ensures organization within the agency. Pritchard also loves to sing, travel and read.

Picture of Grayson Lutz

Grayson Lutz

Junior Advertising major business admin minor. From Mount Pleasant,South Carolina. So excited to be in Spain to learn and experience every ounce of it!

Picture of Kaedy Bornstein

Kaedy Bornstein

Junior Mass Communications Major, Double minor in media arts and event management. From Atlanta, Georgia

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