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Barcelona, I’m gonna love you for a long time

Maggie Rogers at the Apolo 2, June 4, 2023. This was the perfect third night in Barcelona. Apolo 2 is a small venue that gets you up close and personal with all of your favorite artists. The doors opened at 7pm but the headliner, a graduate of the Harvard Divinity School Masters Program and an international indie-pop star, Maggie Rogers hit the stage at about 10:30 p.m. Rogers is known for her incredible lyricism in hit songs like “Alaska” and “Love You for a Long Time.”

This event brought in a diverse audience of music lovers from all over the world. Just in our section there were people from Spain, America, the UK, Ireland, and South Africa. 

The environment that Rogers created for one night made audience goers forget about the problems of the world and celebrate great music. Rogers reminded everyone of the importance of love in this world. She even invited a fan, Danny, on stage to sing with her. The whole audience cheered Danny on as he sang “Say It” with Rogers. 

Overall this was a perfect night in Barcelona celebrating great music and great fun. At the concert, Rogers’ bassist Bryndon Cook even gave us a guitar pick. For only €16 we sang and danced the night away. To us this night was truly special. Being so close you could touch an artist who inspired you to learn to play music is truly unforgettable. Maggie Rogers and Barcelona, we’re gonna love you for a long time.


Picture of Kendall Hackman

Kendall Hackman

Kendall Hackman is a rising junior visual communications major from Charlotte, North Carolina. She is also pursuing a minor in hospitality and art studio. She enjoys skiing, travel and art.

Picture of Adelaide Kline

Adelaide Kline

Adelaide Kline is a rising junior with a major in visual communications an a minor in business administration. She is from Centerport, New York, and in her free time she enjoys playing field hockey, painting and spending time with friends.

Picture of Tyler Perrone

Tyler Perrone

Tyler Perrone is a rising sophomore from Exton, Pennsylvania. He is a broadcast journalism major who enjoys drumming and reading in his free time.

Picture of Sofia Sabatino

Sofia Sabatino

Sofia Sabatino is a rising junior from Long Island, New York with a major in advertising and a minor in psychology. She enjoys traveling, trying new restaurants and meeting new people.

Picture of Megan vanVollenhoven

Megan vanVollenhoven

Megan vanVollenhoven is a rising junior public relations major with a concentration in informatics and sports/entertainment management. The Chapin, SC native loves to try new sports, go thrifting and play guitar.

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