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Expect the unexpected

Throughout our explorations through the streets of Barcelona, we have learned to expect the unexpected. From famous F1 racers to exotic animals, you are bound to find anything while taking your daily commute. 

While walking to dinner one evening we stumbled across a clumped group of people, anticipatedly waiting for the arrival of a celebrity. Intrigued by the matter, we approached the group to see what the excitement was all about. Suddenly a grey Ferrari rounded the corner and cheers erupted from the crowd. As the Ferrari was swarmed by fans, famous F1 driver, Charles Leclerc emerged from the vehicle. Seeing Charles in the street was wildly unpredictable, and a perfect example of the electric things you can expect to see here. 


Picture of Jamison Cooper

Jamison Cooper

Jamison Cooper is a senior Advertising major with a Music Industry Studies minor. She is from Greensboro, NC and plans to go into live music marketing upon graduation.

Picture of Kaylee Rowe

Kaylee Rowe

Kaylee Rowe is a sophomore Mass Communication major with a minor in Entrepreneurship. She is from Gainesville, FL and plans to purse a career Internationally.

Picture of Jess Arriaga

Jess Arriaga

Jess Arriaga is from northern New Jersey. She is 20 years old and is a Public Relations major. She loves traveling, going to concerts, and the beach! After she graduates college, she hopes to work in PR in the fashion industry.

Picture of Caroline Christy

Caroline Christy

Caroline Christy is from Charleston, South Carolina and she is a Visual Communications and Art Studio major and a Media Arts minor at the University of South Carolina. She loves visiting new places, spending time with her family and friends, and eating good food!

Picture of Ella Larson

Ella Larson

Ella Larson is a senior from Charleston, SC and she is a Mass Communications major. She loves the beach, spending time with friends and family, and traveling.

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