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Barcelona on a Budget

After spending two weeks in Barcelona, our pockets and our bank accounts have started to suffer. Luckily for us, there are plenty of places to visit in the city where you can survive on a budget and still have fun. 

We left Burritos BCN with our stomachs full without hardly leaving a dent in our pockets. Next we headed to a small local café and our cravings for iced coffee were satisfied with their gourmet iced cappuccino’s. 

The highlight of our day was visiting Catalunya square to feed the flock of pigeons with sunflower seeds given to us by a friendly stranger. As pigeons started to fly around us, we knew that this was an experience that we could check off of our Barcelona bucket list. 

Sometimes the best experiences can be done with little to no money, all you need is to be a little spontaneous. 

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