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The sky is a neighborhood

While walking through Barcelona, you may be distracted by the chaotic hustle and bustle of the city, but have you ever taken the time to look up and see the world above the street? Each building you pass by is fitted with balconies that tell a story. Each balcony represents a separate life, all lived collectively in this vibrant city. 

Barcelonians use their balconies as an extension of themselves and their homes. Almost every apartment, whether on a spacious street or a narrow alley, has a balcony. Many locals use their outside space to display flags, clothing, plants, and other decorations that symbolize their unique beliefs and styles.

 In the morning, locals sit along the skyline with their coffee. In the evening, you can see a couple enjoying a glass of cava. These balconies are where Barcelona residents celebrate the simple beauties of life.


Picture of Kendall Hackman

Kendall Hackman

Kendall Hackman is a rising junior visual communications major from Charlotte, North Carolina. She is also pursuing a minor in hospitality and art studio. She enjoys skiing, travel and art.

Picture of Adelaide Kline

Adelaide Kline

Adelaide Kline is a rising junior with a major in visual communications an a minor in business administration. She is from Centerport, New York, and in her free time she enjoys playing field hockey, painting and spending time with friends.

Picture of Tyler Perrone

Tyler Perrone

Tyler Perrone is a rising sophomore from Exton, Pennsylvania. He is a broadcast journalism major who enjoys drumming and reading in his free time.

Picture of Sofia Sabatino

Sofia Sabatino

Sofia Sabatino is a rising junior from Long Island, New York with a major in advertising and a minor in psychology. She enjoys traveling, trying new restaurants and meeting new people.

Picture of Megan vanVollenhoven

Megan vanVollenhoven

Megan vanVollenhoven is a rising junior public relations major with a concentration in informatics and sports/entertainment management. The Chapin, SC native loves to try new sports, go thrifting and play guitar.

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