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Primavera has sprung in Barcelona

Music is something that brings everyone together, no matter their background. Festivals are held all around the world to celebrate the beauty of music and the communities it comes from. While in Barcelona, we went to Primavera along with thousands of other people from all over the globe. Collectively, we came together to celebrate something that transcends time: music.  Primavera Sound is a music festival that occurs anually in Barcelona. Though, the pandemic has put it on hold, this year it was stronger than ever. 

No matter the background, people from many different toungues, ages and races can join in the collective joy of searnading each other live to one of your favorite songs. The energy radiating from everyone around you is something so difficult to put into words but something that could seldom be paralleled. You may come as strangers but you are bound to leave as friends. We met people from all around the world. Although there was a scary experience for us, a fellow classmate collapsed, the crowd parted, picked her up and got her up for medical attention and food and water even though there were barriers of language. This is just something that proves to me that no matter what, music makes us all closer as a family. This is something that will be a hard competitor in some of our greatest experince in our first week in Barcelona. 



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