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Defaced, or decorated? A look at graffiti

A detailed street painting of an old man with a card in his glasses.
A woman walks past a door covered in graffiti artist tags.

For those familiar with the “big city,” graffiti may be a normal part of daily life. New York, Chicago, and even Columbia are covered with scribbles of spray paint. However, Barcelona’s graffiti culture takes it to the extreme.

Walking through the streets of Barcelona, visitors will see pops of color all over its buildings, street signs, bus stops, and more. This lends itself to a city-wide personality: One of creativity, spontanaety, and artistic freedom.

Though vandalism is illegal in Barcelona, the city has many legal graffiti walls where artists can express themselves. As a result, the city’s empty walls are filled with social commentary, artist tags, and beautiful works of art. Local artists leave their mark on the city where it can’t be missed.


Picture of Urban Rhythms

Urban Rhythms

Ally Tindall (Visual Communications), Geri Johnson (Journalism), Amia Bennett (Visual Communications), and Lily Battatia (Mass Communications)

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