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Barcelona’s burning passion

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Public displays of affection (PDA) in the forms of holding hands, hugging, and the occasional peck or small kiss are common actions that we as Americans witness almost every single day. However, the acceptable forms of PDA that can be seen at all hours of the day around Barcelona, would surely land you and your significant other a spot on the Instagram accounts of Barstool Gamecocks or South Carolina Chicks.

The openness and inclusiveness of European Culture is simultaneously shocking and refreshing. After getting over the initial shock factor of seeing multiple make out sessions across the city before noon, I began to realize how lovely it is to be witnessing people in love. Europeans, especially Spanairds, are not afraid to show off the people they love to others around them. As a culture, Spaniards are very affectionate and touchy-feely people, this can be seen in everyday greetings where they give friends and family a kiss on each cheek. It’s not just some crazy teens, it’s people of all ages. Public displays of affection are just an extension of this warmth and expressiveness.

3 men in an embrace
Couple canoodling in the park.
Couple holding hands in the metro.

Barcelona’s embrace of PDA extends beautifully to its LGBTQ+ community. Witnessing open displays of affection between same-sex couples adds a layer of joy to the city’s atmosphere. Everyone here minds their own business and loves each other. Barcelona’s attitude feels like a vibrant celebration of love in all its forms, a testament to the city’s progressive spirit and a beacon of pride for the LGBTQ+ community.


Now, not everyone is going to town in the streets of Spain. They are simply affectionate and passionate people. Throughout the city you’ll see the beautiful, vibrant, inclusive, and affectionate city of Barcelona portrayed through the love shown by its people!

Picture of Dance in Spain

Dance in Spain

Julia Putman (Mass Communications), Emely Vega (Advertising), Drew Sisto (Advertising)

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