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Canine culture in Bark-elona

Of approximately 144,000 dogs living in Barcelona, you would at first think many are strays when you see them walking off-leash. However, if you look closely enough, you will quickly realize that these dogs are eagerly following in their owners’ footsteps. 

While Barcelona has leash laws in place, it is not uncommon to see dogs walking the streets without leashes. Well-trained and loyal, these dogs will keep in pace with their owners, reminded by a whistle or call of their name if they get too far.

Whether you are riding the metro, shopping in the mall, tanning on the beach, or walking through the market, you will surely see lots of pups inside and out, integrating dogs into Spanish culture’s everyday life.

Being a pet owner anywhere is an honor and a great responsibility, but in Spain, there are certain laws in place to ensure the best quality of life and coexistence for our furry friends. Some of the regulations for pets include documentation and health requirements. Each dog must be documented with a pet passport and be registered in the Registro de Animales de Compania. All dogs must also be microchipped and own an official health card with registered vaccinations. Some aggressive breeds are also required to be muzzled in public. 

Just as Spanish residents have different customs of life than Americans, Spanish dogs have different ways of life than American dogs. The structure of Barcelona’s dog laws allows people and dogs to live comfortably with one another, making pet life a big part of Spanish culture.  



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Alexis Gilfillan

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Kiera Luzuriaga

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Sammy Sobich

Sobich is a recent graduate from Charleston, SC, who received a Journalism degree. She plans to move to Nashville where she will be working in the music industry.

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Lauren Wickham

Wickham is a senior from from Lugoff, South Carolina, majoring in Visual Communications with a minor in Art Studio.

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