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Bravo, Costa Bravo

Picture of coast of Barcelona, Spain.

Tossa De Mar is along the coast Costa Brava, Spain. This area allows you to get away from the high speed city life of Barcelona for the weekend. If you chose to visit; you are guaranteed to relax and enjoy yourself. 

My five friends and I booked our stay in Tossa De Mar three days before our arrival with no planned way of traveling there. We arrived at a bus station “Barcelona, Estacio Nord” the day of, in hopes that there would be room on a bus to Tossa De Mar. Luckily, there were many available options, and we were on our way in only an hour. The bus ride from the Marina area of Barcelona estimated about 25€ round trip. My friends and I had an hour and half ride that was accompanied by beautiful views the entire trip. 

For our one night stay, we found a hostel through for just 15€ each. Our hostel we stayed at was Hostal Sant Jordi. The hostel was only a 5 minute walk to the beach, and was surrounded by small businesses as well as restaurants. 

The room in our hostel was a tight fit with two queen beds and one twin bunk bed, but it fit the 6 of us perfectly. There was a bathroom with a shower, two toilets and a sink. Towels, blankets, and pillows were provided as well. However, the best part about our hostel was the small balcony that overlooked the beautiful area. 

Shopping in the city contained mostly beach and tourist shops. The streets were filled with delicious cafés, restaurants and gelato shops. Since the restaurants went along the strip of the beach, we enjoyed our food while embracing the scenery of the beach. 

When it was time to eat dinner, we decided on the restaurant Da Giovanni which was along the beach. We ordered tapas with a sangria pitcher. It is safe to say we enjoyed our food, drinks and view “Spain style”. 

As we finished up dinner, the sun was setting, so we sat on some rocks, and watched the sun disappear. 

Later, we walked along the beach and stopped by a local beach bar. We then discovered a music festival going on further down the beach and checked it out. 

The festival was called Festival de Rumba i Música Catalana which is an annual music festival that takes place in Tossa De Mar every June. The type of music played was a traditional Catalan style called “rumba”. The concert was lined with vendors selling food and drinks. The streets were consumed with people dancing and enjoying the music. Restaurants and dessert shops were all still open when the concert had ended around 1am.  

We bought some chocolate covered waffles and walked to our hostel to end the night. 

If you’re looking to book a fun weekend trip or day trip while in Spain, Tossa De Mar is the best option. With travel quick and easy, the trip to the coast was well worth it.

Overview of the city from the Tossa De Mar castle, Vila Velma/ Villa Vella
Patatas bravas and calamares Fritos tapas at Da Giovanni
Tossa De Mar is filled with so many amazing spots to watch the sunset, such as this one right out side of the restaurant De Giovannis
Festival de Rumba i Música Catalana


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