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Spain prioritizes puppy love

Big furry brown dog on metro in Barcelona
Puppy under table at the mall

One custom that does not go unnoticed throughout the city of Barcelona is the presence of canine friends. The streets are constantly filled with dogs of all sizes following their owners. A significant amount of the time their furry friends don’t even need a leash. 

The first area we noticed pets roaming was inside the mall. This idea was very foreign to us, seeing as in the United States pets aren’t allowed inside most business establishments. However, these pups are welcomed with open arms around the stores and streets of this 101.9 square Kilometer city, along with public transportation. On our way back from a day in the city, we couldn’t help but notice a large furry dog near us. This friend was so cute, we just had to take pictures of him sitting next to us on the metro. Dogs are widely accepted in most public transportation services, especially the metro and buses.

In both locations, we politely requested permission from each owner to photograph their dog. Not only did they agree, but they were thrilled that their pup was getting some attention. In a culture where tourists are often stared at and not always welcomed, this was a refreshing and pleasant interaction for all of us. It makes one wonder, what would this look like in the United States? Whether these furry companions are in the streets, stores, or restaurants, this city embraces dogs wholeheartedly.

Dog with owner outside of store
Picture of Barcelona Experience II

Barcelona Experience II

Mateo Moyon (Information Science), Elisabeth Overton (Public Relations), Catherine Johnson (Mass Communications), Ellie Phelps (Mass Communications)

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