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Behind the scenes of Fox News Corporation

Fox News control room
Fox News

After visiting the Fox News Corporation headquarters today in New York City, I have seen a completely new aspect of broadcast journalism that is much more than simply reporting the news and wiring articles. 

Our generous host, Kelly Maguire, an alumna of the University of South Carolina, gave us a tour of the studios and rooms of the headquarters located on the Avenue of the Americas. I think I can speak for all of the students when I say that the seeing the studios was the most interesting and exciting part of the tour. We were able to gain insight into what happens behind the scenes and how the anchors prepare for the live show. This really gives aspiring broadcast journalists a taste for what a future job might entail.

Another part of the tour that was very eye-opening to me was getting to visit the control room where the technical team handles the video and audio of every live show. We were actually able to watch a segment live with the team monitoring every move and working their technical magic. The control room is a crucial part of what makes a show and seeing their hard work really puts into perspective how many jobs are available when working for a cable news network.

The rest of the tour given us from Kelly involved visiting the Fox News employee fitness center, equipped with a smoothie bar and personal trainers, as well as the newly furnished 44th floor with a new café and amazing views of the statue of liberty. Experiencing these amenities gave us an idea of what a normal day would look like for a Fox News employee. Being able to watch the employees enjoying the fitness center and socialize at the café showed us the friendliness and inclusivity of the employees at the network.

I think some of the most important things I learned while visiting the corporation were the tasks that each employee does on a day-to-day basis. Kelly shared with as that as a producer for one of the Fox News shows, she has specific work she does that is entirely different from other employees she works with. While walking around the studio, we watched men and women work in the newsroom writing scripts and stories as well as producers and even the work that occurs in the control room. My main goal before visiting this corporation was to understand the different jobs the network offers as well as seeing what each of those jobs entails. After visiting with Kelly and viewing the studios I think I gained incredible insight into how much work and dedication each employee does everyday.

Overall, I think all the students enjoyed the tour and getting the opportunity not only to see the studios and get a behind the scenes look at a live show but also to speak with Kelly about internship opportunities, a plethora of job positions, and crucial steps to take to obtain both of these.

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