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Tapas: small bites, big flavors

Girl holding wine glass at a table of tapas.
Close up photo of a large bowl of mussels, small bowl of shrimp, and other small dishes and drink on a table.
The experience of eating tapas went beyond just the amazing flavors of the Catalonian cuisine. It was the sharing of the food and subsequent conversation surrounding our own unique experience with each taste that made the meal feel special.

Tapas are small dishes or appetizers that are typically served with drinks. We enjoyed our tapas with a bottle of cava, which is a Spanish sparkling wine. Cava is produced in the Catalonian region of Spain, and while is made the same way as Champagne, cava uses a different variety of grapes.   

Man playing guitar on the street with an amp.
Enjoying an afternoon with tapas and cava opened up a whole new world of relaxation and friendship. Ordering, trying, and sharing tapas with friends is an experience that is worth the time it takes to thoroughly enjoy and share the meal, which in our case took close to two and a half hours. Not only do you get the opportunity to mingle, bond, and appreciate your close friendships and relationships over a delicious meal, you also get the opportunity to try some unique regional dishes that you likely can’t find anywhere else.
Bottle of cava being held.

Many tapas restaurants in Barcelona also boast outdoor seating, which can lead to wonderful music and performances from locals. Paired with a street performer playing classic hits on his acoustic guitar, the meal was truly surreal and unique to Spain, and specifically Barcelona.

Picture of Barcelona Beaches II

Barcelona Beaches II

Ryan Gentile (Advertising), Tara O'Toole (Mass Communications), Devon Nadelstumph (Mass Communications), Evelyn Esquivel (Visual Communications)

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