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Inside a Cava Winery

On Monday, we toured the ArtCava winery and bottled our own cava. When we arrive at the bus stop after a two-hour commute, we were greeted by our tour guide and brought to the winery itself. On our tour, we were shown a little house overlooking a past archeology site, dating back to the 1700s. This house was the founder’s childhood home, and he chose to station the winery here to embrace the tradition and history of cava, paired with the familial aspect that many cava companies focus on.

After the tour, our guide poured us three types of cava and taught us how to better sample them. First by inspecting the color, then the smells and finally tasting it. We talked over the fruity wines for about an hour and finally got to what we had been waiting for: bottling the cavas.

First, we extracted the yeast by freezing it and popping the bottle, sending the yeast clump shooting out. Then, we extracted the yeast and were able to re-cork it and package it, label included. Finally, our tour guide surprised us by allowing us to take our bottles home with us.


Welcome to the Penedès region of Spain, also known as the home of 95% of all cava production! #barcelona#spain#explore#studyabroad#CICtravels

♬ That’s Amore – Dean Martin
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