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Gelato in Rome? No Problem.

After a hearty meal of homemade pasta, bruschetta and an Aperol spritz on the streets of Rome, there is one thing your palate still craves: something sweet. The solution is gelato, found on every street within Rome. The big question is: Are some gelato shops better than others? 





One of the top rated gelato shops in Rome, with 4.4 stars on Google, is Giolitti, recommended to many through reviews and by word of mouth. Upon arrival at Giolitti, which is located two blocks from the Pantheon, the streets are flooded with crowds of people from all over the world, eager to experience the well renowned, oldest standing gelato shop in Rome. 


A couple in line from Serbia were at Giolitti’s for the third time since arriving in Rome three days ago. They never went to another shop, as they were so satisfied with their experience at Giolitti, trying a total of 10 flavors.


Others, however, were disappointed by the hype stating the flavors were “too true to the flavor’s product.” The Nutella flavor tastes just like eating Nutella straight from the jar.






While there are numerous, highly rated gelato shops in Rome, there are also some gelato shops that, according to Google reviews, miss the mark. Elisa Gelateria in the Trastevere area falls short of a good review on Google, reaching 2.5 stars. But earlier this week,  three women from Italy, were happily outside consuming their gelato. While they said it was not their favorite gelato due to the lack of presentation and flavor selection, Victoria Ganti said the gelato was a “good reward after a long day of studying.”


The shop was located in an authentic, side street of Italy off the beaten path with an attractive ambiance and clean seating area. The gelato was pleasantly comparable to other highly-rated gelato shops in Rome with a natural flavor and texture. 

When selecting gelato in Rome, you might take Google reviews into consideration, but bring an open mind. A worker at Giolitti stated his favorite part about working at the gelato shop the past 11 years was learning new languages from the diverse variety of customers who come from all over the world. You may find that something as simple as a sweet treat can also introduce you to different ideas and cultures.

During your time in Rome, you will encounter numerous gelato shops at every corner. Whether you decide to stop should be based more on ambiance, flavors, and recommendations rather than Google reviews. You never know, the shops that you encounter by accident may just end up being your favorite! 


Picture of Caitlin Ashbaugh

Caitlin Ashbaugh

Caitlin Ashbaugh is a rising senior majoring in broadcast journalism from Charleston, South Carolina. She's excited to connect with the community through food, architecture and fashion while in Italy and share experiences through written and visual storytelling.

Picture of Maia Porizio

Maia Porizio

Maia Porzio is a fourth year student majoring in political science with a double minor in public relations and advertising and business administration. Maia is passionate about how history has shaped the law in various cultures and is looking forward to exploring her Italian heritage in Rome.

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