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Vinyl of the city

record store

Music is widely known as the universal language, and this rang true as my group took to the streets of Barcelona to explore local record and music shops.

vinyl records

Close to home

Within these shops we were able to flip through vinyl and search our favorite artists alongside locals to Barcelona. Despite a language barrier and thousands of miles separating Spain and the United States, it was crazy to see someone else pick up the same Fontaines D.C. vinyl as you.

This experience proved to me that we are more alike than different, and that music has the power to join even those who seem the furthest apart. 

Spots to go

Anyone looking for some sick record shops in Barcelona, these are some of our favorites!

– Revolver Records 

– Discos Revolver

– Dancing Vinyl

– Daily Records


Picture of Jamie Alatzas

Jamie Alatzas

Jamie is a junior at the University of South Carolina. She is a public relations major and music industries minor from Maryland. She also has a concentration in sports media.

Picture of Catherine Pruitt

Catherine Pruitt

Catherine is a sophomore at the University of South Carolina. She is a journalism major from North Carolina.

Picture of Madelyn Weston

Madelyn Weston

Madelyn Weston is a senior at the University of South Carolina where she is majoring in journalism with dual minors in English and retailing. She is Co-Editor-in-Chief for the Carolina CrossTalk Undergraduate Research Magazine and an acquisitions intern with USC Press.

Picture of Sarah Hendrix

Sarah Hendrix

Sarah is a junior visual communications major with an integrated information technology minor at the University of South Carolina. She is also a member of the Carolina Band and USC Dance Marathon.

Picture of Kathryn Sisson

Kathryn Sisson

Kathryn is a senior public relations major at the University of South Carolina. She is originally from Rhode Island.

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